Seaweed & Gin Wax Melts £5.50


These wax melts have a refreshing scent that will leave you reminiscing of a sunny beach day with a G&T in hand…bliss!

All of our wax melts are made using premium plant-based wax and are hand-poured on site, here at The Really Wild Emporium.

Each wax melt should give you approximately 8 hours of burning time. See description for further instructions for use.

Our wax melts either come packaged in a paper-based pouch (‘Refill packet’), or in a reusable, recyclable aluminium tin (‘In a tin’). Simply make your selection when adding the product to your basket (price variations will show once you have made your selection).

Please contact us if you need further information about the fragrance oils used in each product.

How to use our wax melts:

To use our melts simply place one or two on the top dish of a wax warmer or oil burner and light a small unscented tea light candle underneath. The heat will melt the wax, releasing the scent.

Each of our melts should give you around 8 hours of burning time. Once extinguished, the leftover wax with solidify. To remove it, simply scrape away and clean the top dish with warm water and soap.

Soy wax, fragrance oil (please contact us for more information on fragrance oil used).

The fragrance oil used in this candle contains: 3-(2H-1,3-Benzodioxol-5-YL)-2-Methylpropanal, 4-Tertbutylcyclohexyl acetate, citral, citronellol, hexyl cinnamal, linalool, linalyl acetate. May produce an allergic reaction.

Min Net Weight: Approx. 25g total
Safety Data:
Remove all packaging and place wax melt in the well of your oil burner. Use with an unscented tea light.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Keep out of draughts. Do not move while lit. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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