Cancellation Policy

If we cancel your booking in either the restaurant, accommodation or on one of our courses for any reason, we aim to give as much notice as possible and, at your choice, a full refund or gift voucher will be issued.

The Really Wild Emporium is a small, independent business. Consequently, any last minute cancellations have a significant impact on our business. If you wish to cancel your booking with us, you may not be entitled to a full refund. You may receive a partial refund and the amount will be determined based on the notice provided. A full breakdown that will apply to Accommodation and Course bookings can be found in our Refund Policy. We have a different policy for restaurant bookings.

Accommodation and place or places on a course will be secured when full payment has been received. In the circumstance where a client is provided with credit (when a payment isn’t taken upfront) if clients cancel their booking then they will be charged the amount as per the refund policy based on the original FULL course costs.

Notice of Cancellation Refund received
30 days100%
7-30 days50%
Less than 7 days0%

We use OpenTable as our booking agent for our restaurant dining. They will require you to enter your credit card details to secure your booking. We will not take any money from your account, unless you fail to give us sufficient notice of a cancellation or amendment. We therefore require a minimum of 24 hours notice to amend or cancel a reservation. An unfulfilled reservation or a ‘no show’ will incur a cancellation fee of £30 per person.