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Want to give your skin a treat, but find it slightly sensitive to products?

Our Sensitive Skin Face Mask Jar uses kaolin clay as its base – kaolin clay has been favoured in sensitive skin preparations for years as it’s generally regarded as a gentler clay than most, whilst having similar benefits. We’ve also added seaweed powder to introduce some extra goodness – you didn’t think we’d sell a product without something wild in there, did you!?

Our Face Mask Jars are supplied in reusable, recyclable glass jars with aluminium screw top lids. This jar contains 50g which is approximately 7 applications. Mix immediately before use following the directions supplied in the description tab.

Directions for Use: Mix approximately 1 teaspoon each of powder and water in a small bowl and apply to your face, avoiding your eye area and lips. Wait until it is almost dry, (approximately 10  minutes), rinse off with lukewarm water, then moisturise.  The mask can be applied with fingertips, a wooden spatula or a flat facial make-up brush.

Do not use anything metal, like a spoon or bowl to mix or apply the face mask and take care not to introduce any water into the jar of dry clay-seaweed powder.

It is normal for clay masks to cause some redness in the skin (visible after removing the mask). The extra blood drawing to surface makes our cells healthier and more nourished and the colour will vanish after about 20 minutes.

Do not be tempted to let a clay mask completely harden after applying. The clay will suck the moisture right out of your skin and you will be left with tight, dehydrated skin that is way out of balance. Use once or twice weekly.

As an alternative to using water to mix in with the dry mask ingredients, it is possible to use another liquid such as aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, floral waters, or as we have been doing, our own Seaweed & Aloe Vera Gel.

Here at Really Wild we want to ensure we’re giving you the best product possible. All of our soap and skincare ranges contain ingredients sourced from reputable, quality suppliers. We have had all of our formulas cosmetically tested so that they meet the required quality and safety standards.

Kaolin, Ascophyllum Nodosum Powder. Allergens in bold.

Net Weight: 50g
Safety Data: For external use only. Avoid direct eye contact. Not for application to the mucous membranes or on broken skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Product to be mixed immediately before use. Mixed product is not to be stored. The introduction of water into the product packaging must be avoided.

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