Foraging and cooking experiences in the UK

Foraging is an ancient art that has been around since the dawn of mankind. Once a necessity for survival, today this rewarding and life-affirming pastime is becoming hugely popular once again. It has become a way of enjoying the most natural, local, sustainable and delicious seasonal food ingredients in the UK – for free.

When you learn how to forage food, you gain a deeper understanding of the natural world around you and a rich appreciation of nature’s bounty. You’ll be amazed at the sheer depth and breadth of food that is available year-round if you know where to look! Once you understand the rules and guidelines of ethical and legal foraging, you can confidently learn the skills and techniques needed to safely forage for delicious ingredients.

It’s vital to learn how to forage from experts. Some wild foods can be dangerous for human consumption and others are protected by law, either throughout the year or at certain times of the year. An expert will help you to rapidly get up to speed with what you need to know and explain the tools you can use to develop a life-long love of foraging with confidence and safety.

Nature’s larder can be far better understood with the aid of a trained and experienced forager. Under guidance, you will discover plants, leaves, shoots, berries, nuts and even coastal foraged food such as seaweeds and shellfish.

Discover foraging in Wales with our resident ‘Wild About Pembrokeshire’ team, and learn to see the wild in a completely different light. We are a thriving and growing business that runs foraging activities and foraging courses. We even make soaps and skin care products as well as tasty meals. Our restaurant is dedicated to using locally foraged ingredients on the menu.

We exist to inspire others with our passion for wild food, drink and handmade skincare products. We teach sustainable and ethical foraging activities against the stunning backdrop of Pembrokeshire and the tiny City of St Davids. We create nourishing, mouth-watering products that are both beneficial to the body and protect the planet. Discover our wonderful Really Wild restaurant, natural beauty products and learn much more about the value of the wild and rugged Pembrokeshire.

Our team operates foraging courses throughout the year from our base in glorious St Davids. You will learn, have fun, have your tastebuds tantalised, gain new skills and meet new friends as you unwind from modern digital life and rediscover nature’s ancient rhythms. Enjoy the wonderful available foods and a hidden wealth of kitchen ingredients just ready to bring life and nourishment to your meals.

Whether you want to learn alone, as part of a family or a group or even as part of a team or corporate away day. We can meet your needs and offer a superbly tailored experience that will ignite a lifelong passion for foraging wild British food!

Please contact us in the first instance to find out more and to book onto scheduled courses, or to discuss your own needs with our helpful team. We look forward to welcoming you to our foraging courses in Wales when you come and experience the delights of our Really Wild Emporium!