Explore our dining on nature

In 2009 the Really Wild Dining Club was launched in St Davids at Morgan’s restaurant with a wonderful wild menu from nature, courtesy of Tara and David Pitman.

One evening, bi-monthly for approximately 5 years the Really Wild Dining Club visited a different venue in north and south Pembrokeshire to sample specially prepared menus of local and wild foods. It was great fun and we had members from all over the place, even Swansea.

Members had the opportunity to visit new venues and to try new tastes and foods from chefs who had the commitment, interest and enthusiasm to experiment with wild and local ingredients. The chefs had a free hand with how they presented their dishes and local producers, growers and foragers had their produce promoted to a new audience.

BBC Wales even aired a 30 minute programme on the Really Wild Dining Club, following members wild food gathering along the estuary at Newport and the preparation and meal at Llys Meddyg.

In 2022 we launched a new version of the Really Wild Dining Club and the Really Wild Emporium has become its home.

If you live on the St Davids Peninsula and you would like to become a member, then get in touch and we’ll keep you up-to-date with dates of our club dinners. We particularly want to offer our local members new dishes and ideas from the Really Wild kitchen at a reasonable price.

We will contact you directly about dates for your diaries but will not be promoting specific dinner dates on our social media, only that we host a Really Wild Dining Club.

The emphasis will be on food from the wild and there will always be some unusual delicacies foraged from the fields, hedgerows, river, shoreline or sky to tickle your taste-buds and encourage you to be adventurous. As the seasons change so do the plants and ingredients that are available to use. In this way each menu will be different and that is what is exciting for the chefs and the diners!

Sometimes the meal will be a set 3 course, sometimes a buffet feast, sometimes dishes from history, or another country and on occasions the chefs will source their ingredients from within a certain radius of the restaurant – maybe a FIVE-MILE-MEAL!!!

Food provenance is of great importance to us at the Really Wild Emporium; which hedgerow the the leaves and flowers came from, which shore the seaweed was foraged from, which field the vegetables were grown in, where the fish was caught, and whose crops were being eaten by the rabbit before it appeared on your plate!

If local food is a passion of yours, why not join the Really Wild Dining Club.

Please email us at john@pembrokeshireseaweeds.co.uk if you would like details.